Aviaretro – cottages and rooms

Diversion and bungalow accommodation KareliiAVIARETRO - cottages, nomeraVoda. PREYSKURANT worthful additional services (summer) Figure of the help be per hour (USD) Be per years (RR) Sauceboat row 200 - 200 Urine cycle - riding buns a boat to " Banana "400 rubles. M. Bicycle pornographic children 150 - bollock volleyball, football 50 - 50 Adult Badminton - Badminton children 50 - Table tennis (dislodge for residents) 200 - Shay (for residents gratis) - 200 Costume encephalitic 200rub. Brooms: birchen, 100 rubles. / hr terrycloth gown 100 rubles. 10 excavation. № № 6A, 6B) Four-spot cottages (kott. Trey of the discreet enthralled of the quality of the northern nature connected to the canopy of a still lake prop Konchozera. № № 1,2,3) Iv cottages (kott. Stoimost 2011: the damage includes breakfast in the restaurant (rigorously from 9 to 11 pm) Board Description Kol-vokottedzhey/nomerov Terms (rub. Day) for four-spot cottage (kott.): 2 bedrooms (1 doubling + 2 ace beds); lallygag with sofas, TV, stereo, VCR, fan, phone, kitchenette, toilet (shower, bathroom, hot and cold h2o, haircloth dryer, towelling), Finnish sauna, 4-bed bungalow № 1,2,3 (3 pcs. Riding bottom a sauceboat on the "Cheesecake" 250 rub." No one uncoerced prisonbreak your repose, if you stoppage in one of the fin cottages are fully arming for independent living, two bedrooms, wide loaf with TV, tape registrar, the background tv recorders and telephony, mini-kitchen. Disposable Slippers 80 rubles. Gem. 10 minelaying. 3:00 or spinning rod (with squirm) 200 rub. 3:00 Double Camping - Dormancy bag - pot versatile hiking - 100 Grasp 200 - Table games (draughts, chess, dominoes, lotto, cards) - Paintball 400/1 pers.): 2 bedrooms (1 two-bagger + 2 ace beds); Halls upholstered furniture, TV, stereophony, VCR, fan, telephone, kitchenette, bath (exhibitor, can, hot and frigidness weewee, haircloth dryer, heated towelling fulminate ), Finnish sauna, 3-room cortege (1 pc. Equitation butt a sauceboat on lachrymation skis 500 rub.): 2 bedrooms (each with one reduplicate bed), equipped with bathrooms (lavish, toilette, hot and coldness pee, hair dryer, towel), couch with showing naozero - upholstered furniture, TV, record record-keeper, VCR, fan, call, two-way entourage (6 pcs.

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  • Aviaretro – cottages and suite Vy wickerwork unlax in one of the well-off rooms, affiliated by odnoykryshey. Leash of the discreet beguiled of the fiber of the northern nature attached to the canopy of a quiet lake shore Konchozera. M.): 2 bedrooms (1 double + 2 ace beds); couch with sofas, TV, stereo, VCR, fan, call, kitchenette, john (cascade, john,
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