Planning a private home

Construction of a country house – a very troublesome and costly business, but the number of people wanting to build a cottage on their own rather than buy a ready-made, every year is not reduced. This happens for various reasons, and one of them – a desire to create housing that would fit the future of its owners in all respects. And the truth: the required number of rooms, floor space, the presence of a garage, basement, attic – all provided at the design stage zdaniya.V case of acquisition of the future “family estate” in the property market will have to select only the most suitable option, but not perfect: layout of a private home may not meet all the requirements of their future zhiltsov.Vprochem, some houses can be redesigned according to your taste, first breaking all the walls, except for load-bearing and mounted on a new partition. However, the scope for action in this case will be small – looking at the plan of a private house, which is offered for sale, you can immediately see that it is possible to alter: as a rule, will carry only a few stenok. Chto As for construction, then what should be the layout a private house? In the design of the cottage is best guided by the adopted rules in the construction industry (for example, it is impossible to arrange a room with no windows), to account for its financial resources (in particular, the plan of a private house, which provides the minimum number of corridors and halls, and the rejection of the built-in garages reduces the cost living space), and do not forget about the desire of all future domochadtsev.K word should be said that in fact almost impossible to create a mansion that once and would satisfy all the needs of the family. The fact that the composition of its periodic changes, age of tenants, too, and initially functioned very well over time, the building becomes ustarevshim. Izbezhat this is unlikely to succeed, but if the layout of rooms in a private home will be carefully considered (for example, children will be located so that after some time grown up child can invite your friends, without interfering with adults), the building will meet all the desires of the owners rather dolgo. Esli also assumed that in a country house later will live several families (parents and children with their wives and husbands), then creating a plan of a private house, is to provide for the possibility of expanding housing (construction of a huge building right may be unprofitable – in fact it should also contain). The add another floor or attic perenaseleniya. Esli completely solve the problem we have touched the height of the cottage, it is worth saying a few words how best to arrange rooms in different buildings. A good floor plan of a private house – it’s not the easiest thing, because here at the same time and need to put a bedroom and living room and utility room to the kitchen. It is desirable, of course, that in such a structure was not continuous room for a relaxing holiday – or households will periodically interfere with each drugu. Udobnaya planning a two-story private house creates a much simpler and traditional bedrooms are located on the second floor is arranged at the bottom of a kitchen, living room and other the necessary facilities. Toilets and bathrooms are sure to provide on each floor – only in this case, households will not create additional inconvenience to each other.

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